Like most credit unions, Millard County Credit Union was organized by a group of working class individuals looking for a better alternative for financial services and products. In 1956, a group of Millard School District employees organized the Millard Education Association Credit Union (MEA). Later, the Credit Union expanded its field of membership to include Millard County residents, reorganizing as Millard County Credit Union.

If you’ve been looking for a financial services provider, you already know that you have plenty of choices. At first glance they all seem about the same. However, once you discover how some financial philosophies differ, making your decision can become much easier.

Credit Unions have two distinct differences from “for-profit” financial institutions. First, credit unions are democratically controlled cooperatives. The Board of Directors is made up of member volunteers who freely give their time to insure that the credit union operates in a safe and sound manner.

The second difference is service. Because you are considered an equal owner of the credit union, you can expect to be treated like one. The credit union’s central mission is to provide quality financial services to our members with the specific intent of helping them gain personal financial success. Best of all, once you become a member, your immediate family members become eligible for membership too! Once you have joined, you can remain a member for life.