Personal Loans

From the beginning, the concept of people pooling their collective resources to lend them to one another has been the foundation of the credit union movement. Today, credit unions continue to operate utilizing this philosophy.   This means as a Millard County Credit Union member, you are entitled to take advantage of the lending opportunities afforded to all members. Unlike many financial institutions, Millard County Credit Union grants loans taking into consideration more than just financial history. Your character  as well as your word are equally important considerations utilized by our loan officers when considering a loan.

Millard County Credit Union has money to lend for most any consumer purpose including:

  •  Home Improvement
  •  Equipment
  •  Recreation
  •  Consolidation
  •  Vacation
  •  New & Used Auto

Did you know that not everyone is eligible for Millard County Credit Union Membership? MCCU is restricted to whom we can serve by our State Charter and Regulation.Some Credit Unions offer service to a single employer while others like MCCU, have been given the opportunity to serve a geographic area.  MCCU serves over 5,400 members who have the opportunity to experience the “The Credit Union Difference.”MCCU membership is open to the residents of Millard County. In addition, immediate family members of current members in good standing may qualify for membership.  This means that if you are enrolled as a MCCU member, your parents, spouse, children, or siblings are eligible to join the credit union.

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Delta Branch Loan Officer :  Wendy Rowley    Phone  435.864.4411     [email protected]

Fillmore Branch Loan Officer:   Leslie White Phone  435.743.6545   [email protected]